About Our School

River's Edge is one of three high schools in Richland, fully accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. River's Edge provides opportunities for students to experience success in a classroom setting that offers and promotes positive relationship building between students, staff, parents, and the community.

REHS Vision Statements


  • Students take responsibility for their attendance and learning.
  • Students treat themselves and others with respect and encouragement.
  • Students identify their strengths and weaknesses and advocate for their own success.
  • Students learn to set and evaluate short & long term goals.

Parents and Community

  • REHS creates partnerships with community, businesses, and parents to provide opportunities that support student learning.


  • REHS provides a safe, respectful, and nurturing learning environment that supports student learning.
  • REHS recognizes the value of lower student-teacher ratio necessary to allow for quality education.
  • REHS honors students where they are today.
  • REHS has high expectations for ALL students.
  • REHS addresses social/emotional barriers to learning with a focus on enhancing student strengths.
  • REHS maintains consistent policies of attendance and discipline.
  • REHS provides a variety of opportunities and is genuinely committed to student success.
  • REHS provides opportunities to enhance school pride.

Washington OSPI Report Card


Students who apply and are accepted to River's Edge are placed in one of three programs or in some instances a combination of programs. A meeting with our school application team will determine the best program(s) for any given student. Onsite program options include our Accelerated Direct Instruction, Independent Learning Program, and WIN.

The Accelerated Direct Instruction programs are the primary block scheduling programs at River's Edge. District approved courses are offered by faculty teaching in teams with integrated, thematic curriculum. Generally, there are 34 students assigned to two-teacher teams. One group is a literacy block for underclassmen, another works around a math/science theme, while the third focuses on language arts and social studies. Afternoon courses and some morning classes follow a more traditional schedule. The program is rigorous; student centered and promotes strong interpersonal relationships between students and teachers.

Independent Learning Program provides a Web-based educational opportunity for high school students desiring an alternative to traditional schooling. Students take accredited Richland School District classes from their own homes using a computer/web based curricula approved by the district. All courses meet Washington State standards for learning, and are supervised by local teachers.

Independent Learning Student Information Form 2019-20 

Independent study requires self-discipline, personal maturity, and reliable internet access outside of school. Students are required to spend at least 25 hours per week working on school assignments independently. Weekly progress checks are required, and students that are not making academic progress will be required to attend the River’s Edge Independent Learning Lab for a prescribed number of hours each week.

Working with Individual Needs (WIN) is a semi-independent learning opportunity designed for students with unique learning needs. Courses are available for students on the River’s Edge campus, and in special circumstances from home, using a computer based curricula approved by the district. Enrollment is based on a referral process involving River’s Edge staff.

Additional Opportunities for River’s Edge students. Students have access to programs such as Tri-Tech Skills Center in Kennewick and Running Start at Columbia Basin College in Pasco. Students may be able to access additional courses at the Hanford HS or Richland HS.

More detailed information about our alternative programs can be obtained by contacting our Principal Nicole Anderson at Nicole.Anderson@rsd.edu or our school social worker Michelle Sorensen Michelle.Sorensen@rsd.edu at (509) 967-6450.


Reimagining River's Edge

Beginning in the spring of 2019, staff at River's Edge High School began working to develop a new model for the school that will make it a destination for those seeking something beyond the typical high school experience. This process will continue through the 2019-20 school year with new programs being piloted in classrooms and feedback sought from students and families. 

For more information about this process, contact the school at (509) 967-6450

REHS January 2020 Inventory & Reflection Survey