About Our School

The Reimagining:

REHS has been reimagining our school for the past two school years. We are excited about the changes, it is a shift in the way we learn and in the way we teach. Change is hard; however, with a little grace, perseverance, and enthusiasm it will be a wonderful adventure!Nicole Anderson

Students who apply and are accepted to River's Edge will be placed into our onsite Project Based Learning Program, or referred to an offsite program based on their academic needs. A meeting with our Counselor will help determine the best program(s) for any given student. 

Feedback from students, parents and teachers, was that REHS wanted something different.  Something more personalized. Something to prepare them as they graduated from high school.

What is Project Based Learning:

Students learn important content through Project Based Learning by investigating questions, generating original ideas, and working collaboratively to produce products that demonstrate what they have learned. This research-based method of teaching and learning is quickly gaining popularity in schools that are focused on preparing students for future challenges.

Here are a few resources to help you understand why Project Based Learning is gaining momentum as a way to keep students interested and engaged in school while also helping them develop a deeper understanding of important content, along with essential 21st century skills like critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Get a quick overview of PBL in this animated video, Project Based Learning: Explained

Listen to students describe how PBL makes a difference in their lives in this video, "It Really, Actually Changed My Life."

River's Edge is one of three high schools in Richland, fully accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. River's Edge provides opportunities for students to experience success in a classroom setting that offers and promotes positive relationship building between students, staff, parents, and the community.

Additional Opportunities for River’s Edge students.

Students have access to programs such as Tri-Tech Skills Center in Kennewick and Running Start at Columbia Basin College in Pasco. Students may be able to access additional courses at the Hanford HS or Richland HS.

More detailed information about our alternative programs can be obtained by contacting our Principal Nicole Anderson (Nicole.Anderson@rsd.edu), Counselor Chandra Markel (Chandra.Markel@rsd.edu) or our school social worker Mackenzie Wagar  (Mackenzie.Wagar@rsd.edu) at (509) 967-6450.

REHS Vision Statements


  • Students take responsibility for their attendance and learning.
  • Students treat themselves and others with respect and encouragement.
  • Students identify their strengths and weaknesses and advocate for their own success.
  • Students learn to set and evaluate short & long term goals.

Parents and Community

  • REHS creates partnerships with community, businesses, and parents to provide opportunities that support student learning.


  • REHS provides a safe, respectful, and nurturing learning environment that supports student learning.
  • REHS recognizes the value of lower student-teacher ratio necessary to allow for quality education.
  • REHS honors students where they are today.
  • REHS has high expectations for ALL students.
  • REHS addresses social/emotional barriers to learning with a focus on enhancing student strengths.
  • REHS maintains consistent policies of attendance and discipline.
  • REHS provides a variety of opportunities and is genuinely committed to student success.
  • REHS provides opportunities to enhance school pride.

Title I Schoolwide Plans

Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in the development of the Schoolwide Plan/Campus Improvement Plan. Parents are invited each spring to participate in the development of each Title I school’s plan. The team is comprised of various stakeholders- parents, community members, administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and support personnel. This team is responsible for reviewing data and providing input into the development of the school’s Title I plan. Parents from each demographic group are invited and encouraged to participate in the development of the annual Schoolwide Plan or Campus Improvement Plan.

A copy of the plan will be provided to parents on request. Please visit your child’s school to request a copy of the Title I Plan. Parents can share their comments or questions about the plan with a campus administrator.

Learn more about RSD Title I Schools